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Meet the artist - Cameron Hewitt

"Cameron was born in Wellington, New Zealand and spent his childhood years growing up in Wellington and Auckland. In 1996, his family moved to New South Wales, Australia and Cameron has lived here ever since.

Cameron’s passion started out with forging and eventually grew to carving bone and antler which paired nicely as handles for the knives. When Cameron was just 10 years old,  he asked his dad if he could borrow his tools so that he could forge his first knife. His dad simply replied ‘you need tools, you better start making ‘em’. And the rest is history. As an artist, Cameron’s perception sits at an equal balance between logic and creativity, the result being a methodical approach to some truly eccentric and off the wall ideas expressed through various mediums.


During his teenage years in high school, he explored 2D art and tattoo art, as well as woodworking. When Cameron’s grandfather passed away in his home country of New Zealand in 2015, Cameron flew over to be with his extended family and inherited some pounamu (jade) as well as the carving tools. Working with stone became his next challenge, as well as finding some time to maintain a collection of over 100 bonsais on the side. In 2016 when Cameron proposed to me, he had spent 12 months teaching himself how to silver-smith so that he could make my engagement ring. In 2019, his jade carving skills improved during a summer season spent in Jade City, BC, Canada. 


In 2020, we finally decided to turn this talent into a full time business so that Cameron could pursue his passion and further establish his skills as an artist. Whenever we watch superhero movies, we always ask each other what superpower we could have, if any. Cameron always replies with ‘immortality. I have so many interests. I need hundreds of lifetimes to explore them all’.


I’m so glad we can finally show off his skill set and brilliant mind through our business, and I hope you enjoy what we have to offer".

Rachell Hewitt


October 2018 - Rock hounding in southern BC, Canada

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