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The key to success

"I was brainstorming ideas for something unique. My wife, Rachell, had been collecting vintage keys throughout our backpacking trip in Europe. I thought a series of jade keys would be fantastic and Rachell suggested a lock and key as a matching set, maybe shared between a couple or two siblings. I took it one step further and began to design a functional jade lock. After researching mechanisms and finding that wooden locks had been made prior, I knew there was a good chance that this would be successful as a functioning lock. After 3 attempts at a locking mechanism using jade, I was able to present the lock and key as a set. Out of everything I have ever made, this is the closest thing to incorporating my appreciation for mechanical systems as well as my artistic abilities."

After presenting this to the jade community in Canada, jade miners and artists alike have acknowledged that this is 'the first of its kind'. This sculpture was made using Canadian nephrite jade and brass pins. This was designed, engineered, and carved by Cameron and is on display at Cassiar Mountain Jade Store, BC, Canada.

The one that got away


"I carved this sculpture during my summer season at Cassiar Mountain Jade Store in 2019. The owner of CMJS, Claudia Bunce, requested a fish sculpture to add to the store's showcase. After being out on numerous fishing trips in the stunning lakes of northern BC, I realised just how tenacious some of these fish were. There was one in particular that wasn't giving up without a fight... I remember the downward pressure that I felt on the line and that's what inspired this sculpture to have the downward positioning. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this jade, as it was one of the first samples that came out of 2 Mile mine in 2019. It's extremely dense, but at the same time quite easy to carve in comparison to other jades I've worked with."

This was made using nephrite jade, sterling silver to depict a fishing line, and brass pins to mount the fish onto the base. This sculpture is available for sale at Cassiar Mountain Jade Store, BC, Canada.


Ceremonial peace pipe

This sculpture was carved by Cameron in the summer of 2019 during his time at Cassiar Mountain Jade Store. Cameron was inspired by the customs of the First Nation peoples in Canada and wanted to create a representation of a Ceremonial Peace Pipe. Ceremonial Peace Pipes were traditionally used by a number of First Nation cultures in their sacred ceremonies. They were used to offer prayers in a religious ceremony, to make a ceremonial commitment, or to seal a covenant or treaty

This was made using nephrite jade, red cedar wood, and feathers. This sculpture was sold in August 2020 by Cassiar Mountain Jade Store, BC, Canada.

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